As the cast of “Full House”; re-connects on Netflix this month, it seems fitting that another one of the most popular and successful television shows of the ’90s does the same.

Jimmy Kimmel attempted to re-unite the former cast of “E.R.”; when he had George Clooney on his show Tuesday night. Unfortunately, Clooney was the only former cast member who showed up.

The 54-year-old actor, who was promoting his new movie “Hail, Caesar!”;, expected a full-cast reunion on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”; for his old NBC series, however, he was quickly informed by Kimmel that the plan was a tad last minute and, as a result, none of his former co-stars could attend.

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Jimmy said that Julianna Margulies was preoccupied filming “The Good Wife”;, Noah Wyle had “Taco Tuesday”; plans and Eriq La Salle had jury duty. However, all was not lost, as Hugh Laurie showed up! While Clooney and Laurie were never in the show together, it was still exciting to see Dr. House in action