Selma Blair was not caught completely off guard when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

The “Portlandia” actress was diagnosed with the nerve disease on Aug. 16, but she reveals she took a 23AndMe home genetic test years ago that showed the first signs.

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“Only a few will probably care or understand this… but a couple of years ago, I ran my genetic mutations through 23AndMe,” she wrote on Instagram.

“This may help somebody help themselves. I have MTHFR genetic mutation on both sides,” she continued. “As well as a couple of others. MTHFR shows a higher susceptibility to MS.”

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Blair, 46, hopes her Instagram post can help a few of her followers catch MS earlier in its development. “There are possibilities to ease my symptoms with the right detox to open methylation pathways,” she said. “Hey, knowledge is power, right? So many oddities of mine can be traced back to active MTHFR toxicity. My son has it too. So you can’t start too early.”

Not one to pretend to be a WebMD doctor, Blair noted she is just “sharing not diagnosing.”

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