Liam Neeson Returns To His ‘Taken’ Frame Of Mind For The Chilling Thriller ‘Cold Pursuit’

Liam Neeson is on the hunt for revenge again, this time with a snowplow.

The Oscar-nominated actor stars in the upcoming thriller “Cold Pursuit” as a snowplow driver who is thrown into action when his son is mysteriously murdered.

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Starring next to Laura Dern, Neeson’s character, Nels, finds himself pursuing a drug lord (Tom Bateman) who’s connected to his son’s death.

“What makes you think you can kill a man?” a gangster friend asks Nels, to which he responds, “I read it in a crime novel.”

“Shameless” star Emmy Rossum also stars.

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The new film looks just as action-packed as the Neeson classic “Taken” and the social media reaction shows his new film has fans just as excited.

“Cold Pursuit” hits theatres Feb. 8.



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