Tyler the Creator was reportedly unharmed after being involved in a traffic collision in Los Angeles.

According to NBC News, the crash occurred in the early hours of Thursday morning, when the 27-year-old rapper’s white Tesla X struck a parked vehicle, pushing it approximately 50 feet from where it was originally parked.

The Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a call at about 12:30 a.m. at the intersection of Veteran Avenue and Sunset Boulevard.

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An LAPD spokesperson confirmed to NBC that Tyler was not injured in the crash; there was no one in the parked vehicle at the time of impact.

According to Pitchfork, the rapper addressed the incident on his Instagram Stories, sending a shout-out to Tesla founder Elon Musk for designing the car with “excessive airbags.”

my big doopy ass usually go to sleep 10:30 (i wake up at 7 er morn) and guess who wanted to finish music super late, and dosed off for a few seconds while driving home,” he wrote. “im a dumb ass b**ch but lil mama dont have a scratch im lucky. i calmly jumped out the back and called the people. thanks elon for the excessive airbags u a qt. good day sir.”

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