Robert Durst, the subject of HBO documentary “The Jinx”, is set to stand trial for shooting dead Susan Berman 18 years ago, it’s been confirmed.

The 75-year-old millionaire, who is the grandson of a wealthy New York real estate tycoon, has been accused of murdering his close friend because she knew too much about his wife Kathleen’s disappearance back in 1982.

Kathleen is presumed dead; Durst has never been charged with any crime related to her disappearance.

Durst, who has pleaded innocent to Berman’s murder, will now have the opportunity to re-enter his plea on Nov. 8, the BBC reports.

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He was arrested in 2015 hours before the last episode of his six-part TV series aired after being caught by a live microphone, saying: “What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.”

Durst, who is said to have frequently interrupted Thursday’s hearing, was also acquitted of murdering his neighbour Morris Black in 2001 after claiming the killing was in self-defence. However, he was convicted of dismembering his body.

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Durst’s lawyer, David Chesnoff, has insisted there’s no hard evidence, such as fingerprints or DNA data, to link Durst to Berman’s murder.

However, Sky News reports Berman had suggested to friends Durst had come clean about killing his wife and said she helped cover his tracks.

Durst would face life imprisonment if convicted.

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