The Queen is mourning the loss of her corgi Whisper with the Daily Mail reporting the dog passed away at age 12 this week.

As the Mail reports, Whisper had become a favourite of the Queen after she adopted the dog in 2016 following the death of its original owner, a former Sandringham gamekeeper.

The loss of Whisper follows the passing of Willow in April; Willow was the final descendant of the Queen’s original corgi, Susan, who was given to the future monarch on her 18th birthday.

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“Whisper was a friendly chap and followed her everywhere,” a source tells the Mail.

“The Queen has quickly become very attached to the dog,” added the source. “The death of any of her corgis has always hit her hard and Whisper’s was no different.”

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The Queen still has two dogs, dorgis Candy and Vulcan, bred from mating a corgi and a dachshund.

According to the Mail, the Queen decided to stop breeding corgis five years ago over fears she could trip over an excitable puppy, adding to her concerns over who would take care of them when she was no longer around.

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