Viral Photo Of Justin Bieber Eating Was Staged With A Canadian Lookalike

Justin Bieber does not seem to know the proper way to eat a burrito or so people thought.

A photo went viral this week in which a person who looks a lot like Bieber is sitting on a park bench eating a burrito. What caught people’s eye, though, was that the person appeared to be chowing down on the burrito sideways, leading people to wonder if The Biebs understands how burritos work.

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The Blast spoke with the man who took the photo, Conor Browne, who confirmed Bieber was the man in the photo.

“I wasn’t going to take a photo until we noticed the way he was eating his burrito, and I thought it was hilarious so I took a photo,” Conor said. “He never took a normal bite. He took a few bites from the middle and then fans starting swarming him so he took the burrito and walked away.”

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YouTube channel Yes Theory published a video on Sunday detailing how they fooled the Internet and traditional media alike. The channel flew out a Bieber-lookalike from Canada to Los Angeles to help orchestrate the plan.

But whether or not the person in the photo was Bieber, the image of sparked waves of outcry on Twitter over the burrito-eating etiquette on display.



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