Jason Derulo has been forced to cancel his upcoming concert in Prague due to safety concerns.

In a video posted to Instagram, the “Swalla” singer, 29, and his tour manager said that the concert venue’s structural integrity didn’t meet their standards.

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Sources told TMZ that Derulo was supposed to perform at the Tipsport Arena but when he arrived for rehearsals his manager told him he had “serious concerns over the stage that could have compromised the safety of him, the dancers and fans.”

While he couldn’t perform inside, Derulo took it upon himself to give Prague fans a show anyway, posting to Instagram: “The venue was declared unsafe last night so I performed outside on the balcony.”

He added, “Though we’ll reschedule a proper date I couldn’t leave my family empty-handed. The love and fellowship we shared last night will be forever tattooed on my heart.”

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TMZ reports the venue is looking to take legal action.

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