Michael Moore Speaks Out On Reports That Alleged U.S. Bomber’s Van Had Filmmaker’s Face With A Bulls-Eye Target Plastered On It

Michael Moore is breaking his silence on the alleged U.S. bomber, Cesar Sayoc, arrested Friday in connection to pipe bomb packages intercepted by law enforcement across the country this week. An image of the Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker’s face, with a bulls-eye target on it, was reportedly plastered on the side of the accused bomber’s van.

In a statement, Moore spoke out on the threat of right-wing violence: “The accused bomber plastered a picture of me on the side of his van, with a cross-hairs target over my face. Actually, the target is over my neck, which I’ll take as a minor concession on his part.”

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He continued, “The threat of right-wing violence against figures on the American left is not new. It is not an aberration. It is not a violation of norms. It IS the norm.”

Moore says Donald Trump’s tweets are not helping, “These angry right-wing men have been openly encouraged to act on those lies, even as late as this very morning when Trump was tweeting his doubts that the bombs were not real.”

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He added, ‪”Sadly, the new and dangerous dynamic of political violence in America is that it is now promoted and encouraged by the President of the United States.”

Sayoc allegedly sent a series of U.S. pipe bombs to President Barack Obama, former Vice-President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and other high profile Democrats earlier this week. Moore’s photo with a bulls-eye plastered on it was among images seen on the side of the van that was confiscated by law enforcement on Friday in connection to the bombs.



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