“I turned up with a bunch of clothes in a bag. They’re all my clothes, it wasn’t styled,” Astley told Norton.

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“There was a guy when we recorded working through the night, who kept shouting through his window, ‘Will you shut the f**k up!'” he added. “It was kind of a bit unprepared.”

For Norton, the real tragedy is that the trenchcoat Astley wore in the video isn’t on display in a Planet Hollywood or something of that nature, and the singer revealed the coat was literally taken off his back by fans, never to be seen again.

Astley’s fellow guest Melissa McCarthy revealed her back-in-the-day fondness for the trenchcoat after watching the video. “I remember thinking, ‘I have to get a turtleneck and a trenchcoat,'” she quipped. “Which is like, a very short Midwestern woman shouldn’t.”

Meanwhile, guest Emma Stone revealed that she has been “Rickrolled,” and wondered what Astley makes of the bizarre prank/Internet meme that continues to keep the song in the public eye.

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“I’ve been absolutely fine with it,” admitted Astley of the “Rickrolling” phenomenon. “We have a daughter, and she’s 26 now. When that kind of started about 10 years ago, she literally sat me down on the couch and said, ‘You do realize it’s got nothing to do with you.’ And I kind of thought, ‘She’s absolutely right.’ It’s just a song that somebody chose to do this prank. I don’t own it anymore. It has nothing to do to with me, this is something else.”

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