Forget a nice buttery lobster or medium-rare filet mignon, you can spend $100 on some “Golden Girls” cereal.

“The Golden Girls” brand is still going strong 26 years after the popular sitcom send goodbye to its television audience.

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A limited edition multigrain cereal based on the franchise arrived in Target stores and online on Sept. 30 but almost immediately sold out. The $7.99 cereal boxes, which include anime-style collectible “Golden Girls” vinyl figures, has quickly become a hot commodity among collectors.

The cereal, created by pop culture company Funko Inc, is selling for as much as $100 on eBay along with the collectible glass set.

“I’m not really surprised. A few years back we did ‘Golden Girls’ pop figures and action figures, too. They did insanely well,” Funko CEO Brian Mariotti told Deadline. “So we knew doing the cereal and our upcoming Pez makes a ton of sense.”

If you did not get your hands on the cereal the first time around and do not want to break the bank, Funko has you covered. “The cereal is a fruity flavour, but the key thing here is the colour of the cereal,” Mariotti said. “We have additional ‘Golden Girls’ cereal planned.”

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“We wanted to lead off with blue,” he continued. “But you can expect to see white and pink colours in the next two editions with new figures in each.”

“The Golden Girls” originally aired on NBC from Sept. 14, 1985, to May 9, 1992.

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