Some feuds just refuse to die, such as the ongoing spat between rappers 50 Cent and Ja Rule.

After issuing some nasty comments about each other earlier this year, 50 Cent is upping the ante with what appears to be an epic prank.

As Consequence of Sound reports, 50 Cent learned that there were tickets available to an upcoming Ja Rule concert — so many tickets, in fact, that they were offered on Groupon for $15 a pop.

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As a result, the “Candy Shop” rapper scooped up 200 tickets in the front row, paying $3,000 to ensure those seats would remain empty.

He followed that up with outright mockery, taking to Instagram to post a photoshopped pic of himself sitting in the midst of rows of empty stadium seats.

Apparently feeling he hadn’t quite gotten his point across, he took the mockery one step further in a subsequent Instagram post, featuring a doctored video of Ja Rule in concert, interspersed with footage of empty seats.

Meanwhile, Ja Rule is declaring victory on Twitter, claiming that 50 Cent’s antics are proof that he managed to “get under [his] skin.”

He followed that with another tweet, declaring the feud is “a JOKE to everyone” other than 50 Cent, sharing a doctored photo of his own: