Cardi B Tells Trolls To ‘Cut Your Motherf**king Veins’

Cardi B is biting back at online trolls with uncomfortably graphic language.

The “I Like It” rapper unloaded on her haters in an explicit Instagram Live rant. Cardi made multiple remarks about suicide while addressing people who have made rude or disparaging remarks about her and her family online.

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She told haters to “throw yourself off a f**king balcony” and said, “you need to cut your motherf**king veins.”

It seems someone outside the frame of the video tried to calm Cardi down and interrupt her sure-to-be controversial rant. The multi-platinum selling artist refused, however, expressing a need to stand up for her sister.

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“If you are a grown a** woman or man on the comments talking s**t, you need a f**king life,” she continued. “You people need help.”

Just as the video cuts off, you can hear Cardi telling the person off camera “No, I don’t give a f**k.”



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