Will Smith Gets Emotional, Jada Admits Pair No Longer Call Themselves ‘Married’ In ‘Red Table Talk’ Chat

Will Smith got emotional as he discussed the tough times in his marriage during the second instalment of his “Red Table Talk” chat, which aired Monday.

Will, 50, previously recalled how Jada, 47, had cried for 45 days straight at one point in their relationship.

The actor fought back tears in the latest episode as he recalled how he’d been “hiding behind his ego, his dreams and his desires” when he threw a 40th birthday for his wife, which ultimately led to her having a “midlife crisis.”

Will, who arranged to have the likes of Mary J. Blige perform at the bash 7 years ago, explained, “She told me that the party was the most ridiculous display of my ego. [I was] crushed.”

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The duo, who also shut-down the Scientology and swinging rumours, eventually said how they ended up breaking up, only to get back together and come up with their own set of rules.

Will shared, “Because I had been divorced before, I wasn’t getting divorced again. There was a time when I was scared that she might.”

“I was devastated even worse than a divorce. We broke up within our marriage and got back together again, we had to rebuild with new rules. Something way different.”

“I had to go away and regain my strength as Jada again,” the actress added.

Will, who insisted the pair had always been trying to be something they were not, continued, “Our characters were trying to be in a relationship. If you’re going to wear a mask that person’s trying to love that mask.”

“I was broken and I learned to look fixed to the world.”

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Jada also admitted, “Will and I have decided to throw away the concept of marriage, we don’t even call ourselves married anymore. It’s a life partnership that we’ve created.”

Will added, “There is nothing that will happen that we won’t love each other through. We’ve cracked each other’s heads wide open. I truly have learned the condition of unconditional love.”

“What you are is the best friend I’ve ever had and sometimes that gets lost… in marriage. The pain that Jada caused me is the pain I needed to survive [and] to be happy.”



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