Carole King has re-written the lyrics to her track “One”, releasing a brand new music video on Monday ahead of next month’s U.S. midterm elections.

The 76-year-old, who originally released the song on her 1977 album Simple Things, changed the words to the track to say she hopes that love will eventually win.

King, who sits at a piano and belts out the heartfelt lyrics in the recently-released clip, says of the current political situation: “I live in a red state. Many of my neighbours are Trump voters. I’ve noticed over the years that when someone in the community is in need, neighbours with only $2 in their pocket will give a dollar to help out.”

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“As I watch the leader of our country dividing us with rhetoric that elicits fear and hatred and emboldens some of his supporters to commit acts of violence, I believe that most of us across party lines have the capacity for compassion.”

“I believe that most of us care about our neighbours, and that most of us want Love to win. I see ‘One (2018)’ as an antidote to fear, hatred and violence. I hope the song will empower everyone who hears it to know that he or she can make a difference,” she adds, according to Parade.

King returned to the studio where she made her 1971 LP Tapestry to record her latest track, adding that she’s releasing the song because “(a) for the sheer joy of sharing it, and (b) in the hope of inspiring more people to participate actively in the coming election by voting and bringing other people who value humanity, truth, and love above fear, lies and hatred.”

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The musician added in an interview with The Guardian that she wanted to add “empowerment” to the ending of the song to make it relevant to the “situation today.”

She added of Trump: “The leader of our country is using rhetoric that is encouraging people to bring out their fear and hatred and violence, and I really feel we must do something to stop that.”

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