Logan Paul On Making His Comeback: ‘I Might As Well Go For It’

Logan Paul is a new man after scandal threatened to ruin his career.

The YouTube star was interviewed in the latest issue of the Hollywood Reporter, and he opened up about putting “the old Logan” behind him following the immense backlash to a video in which he filmed a dead body in a Japanese forest earlier this year.

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“I had never had a crisis before, ever,” Paul told the magazine. “Everything had been a smooth-sailing ride to the top.”

Paul was quickly sidelined by sponsors, lost acting opportunities, and was removed by YouTube from their “preferred partner” program. YouTube also held back the release of his film “The Thinning: New World Order”.

The backlash was a lot to take for the 23-year-old.

“I was so used to people liking me,” he said. “But being hated? I hate it. I hate being hated!”

Paul has slowly been making his comeback, though. Along with gaining a million new followers, he has been posting less outrageous YouTube videos than he used to and has been focusing more on a podcast he’s launching.

To prepare for the podcast, Paul has already built a broadcast studio in his home. “If I’m going to do something,” he explained, “I might as well go for it.”

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The young star is bullish about his chances to get his career running at full steam again.

“Good luck trying to cancel me,” Paul said. “It’s so easy for anyone to be like, ‘Logan Paul just ended his career, he’s done.’ But the only person who will ever decide whether that’s true is me. Like, if I sleep for the rest of my life, maybe. But, like, dog — I love this s**t. This creating? It’s my passion.”



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