Andy Cohen is no stranger to uncomfortable interviews but his chat on Tuesday’s “Watch What Happens Live” with Debra Winger might take the cake.

During Cohen’s favourite late-night segment “Plead The Fifth”, in which the host asks his guests a few questions where they can answer truthfully or “plead the fifth” on one question, Winger wasn’t enjoying the usually entertaining game.

Although it started off friendly when Cohen asked: “Who was the biggest pig or misogynist you’ve ever met in Hollywood?”

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Winger answered willingly with, “He’s already under indictment, so…,” which Cohen interpreted as Harvey Weinstein.

But things quickly turned sour.

“Back in the ’80s, there were so many rumours about your relationship with Shirley MacLaine on ‘Terms of Endearment’. You wrote about this in your book,” Cohen began before Winger interrupted.

“No! I didn’t write about her. She wrote about me,” the actress declared. “Let’s try to get something straight…I mean, c’mon. It’s rough—it’s hard out here for a chimp.”

Cohen then tried to move on with the last question, to rank her iconic on-screen kisses with former co-stars John Travolta, Richard Gere, Robert Redford, and Anthony Hopkins from best to worst.

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“Oh, God, what were you doing 40 years ago?” she asked Cohen. “OK, so you remember somebody you kissed 30 years ago?”

“If it was in an iconic film, I probably would,” the host answered.

Watch the full cringeworthy interview above.