What does the original cast of wholesome sitcom “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” think of the dark, scary Netflix reboot “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”?

That’s something we don’t have to wonder about thanks to a hilarious new video from Netflix featuring the cast of the original “Sabrina” viewing the new version for the first time, with their reactions documented as they watch.

In the video, Melissa Joan Hart (who played the titular teen sorceress, Sabrina Spellman) and Nate Richert (Harvey, Sabrina’s love interest) are shown watching the “Chilling Adventures” pilot, as are Caroline Rhea and Beth Broderick (who played Sabrina’s aunts).

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Judging by their reactions, they’re taken aback by what they see.

“It’s terrifying, this show,” Rhea exclaims while peeking out from behind her fingers, later adding: “This is not our Sabrina!”

“It’s really scary,” declares Broderick. “I don’t think I can watch it alone.”

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The actresses also comment on the differences between Salem the cat in the two versions. “This Salem looks so much more real than our Salem did,” remarks Broderick, prompting Rhea to describe the original talking cat as “an alcoholic rabbit wearing a hairpiece.”

Hart was likewise spooked by what she saw. “I am not letting my kids watch this,” quips the mother of three. “Though they’ll probably like it better.”

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