Claire Foy Thinks ‘The Crown’ Fans Will Forget She Was Ever On The Show Once She’s Replaced With Olivia Colman

Claire Foy thinks people will forget she ever played a part on “The Crown” after she’s replaced by Olivia Colman in the upcoming series.

Foy, 34, talked about playing Queen Elizabeth for two seasons of the hit Netflix show on Friday’s “The Graham Norton Show”.

The actress admits of Colman: “Olivia is loving it, I think, and is having an amazing time.

“I genuinely think that when it starts people will say, ‘Who was it that played it before?'”

Claire Foy in “The Crown” (Photo: Netflix)
Claire Foy in “The Crown” (Photo: Netflix)

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Foy adds, “It’s been a year and [a] half since we finished. I do miss everybody but it goes on.”

Colman is set to star in season 3 of “The Crown” alongside Tobias Menzies, who is replacing Matt Smith as Prince Philip.

Foy’s appearance also sees her discuss her latest role as Lisbeth Salander in the movie “The Girl in the Spider’s Web”.

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She says of playing the part, “Originally I thought, Not on your nelly!

“Two other actresses have played the character to great acclaim and, because it is such a loved set of novels, you are going into it thinking you can only lose.”

See more on the film in the clip below:



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