Sean Hayes offers Ellen DeGeneres a helping hand with her monologue, as well as treats her to a performance of “The Nutcracker” on Friday’s show.

The “Will & Grace” star joins DeGeneres during her opening segment for a skit called “She Said, He Said”, in which the duo give their comedic take on news headlines.

DeGeneres says before being joined by the actor, “Every day I come out here and I deliver a monologue. I know I make it look easy because I’m that good but it’s hard work monologuing every day, I monologue my ass off.

“It occurred to me that I can have someone help me to do the monologue; that way it takes a little bit of pressure off of me and if it’s not funny I can say it’s their fault.”

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Hayes, whose first job on television was “Will & Grace”, then shows there’s no end to his talents as he performs all of the instruments from the Closing Waltz of “The Nutcracker”.

The star has been busy promoting his and his husband’s new children’s book “Plum”, which was inspired by the beloved ballet.

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Hayes’ appearance also sees him reveal how he saved himself from embarrassment during his very first dinner with his “Will & Grace” castmates and producers: