When “The Big Bang Theory” ends its run as one of TV’s all-time most successful sitcoms at the end of its current, 12th season, the show’s creator admits he still hasn’t come to grips with bringing the adventures of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, and the gang to an end.

“This is gonna be heartbreaking when we’re done,” Lorre says in a candid interview for “CBS Sunday Morning”.

“‘The Big Bang Theory’ for me was about people who didn’t fit in, who want to fit in, who want to participate in life but don’t know how,” Lorre explains. “That’s a story worth telling.”

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In addition to “The Big Bang Theory”, Lorre has a dazzling set of hit sitcoms to his credit, including “Mom”, “Two and a Half Men” and “Grace Under Fire”, along with his upcoming Netflix comedy “The Kominsky Method”.

Starring Michael Douglas as a long-in-the-tooth Hollywood actor contending with the indignities of aging in a town that values youth and beauty above all else, the themes in “The Kominsky Method” are something to which Lorre can relate.

“It’s an amazing thing because internally I’m speaking for myself,” says Lorre, 66. “You’re still this 14-year-old looking out of this old face. You walk past a window — a store window — and you go, ‘Oh, who, oh.’ It’s startling.”

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Lorre also opens up about his reputation for being hot-tempered, revealing that it stemmed not from rage but from fear of failure.

“But fear for me exhibits as anger,” Lorre says. “Because I’m not going to show you fear. I’m going to show you anger because that’s just how I grew up. And that’s what you present to the world. And that maybe becomes your reputation.”

Lorre’s interview airs in the Nov. 4 edition of “CBS Sunday Morning”.

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