Hugh Jackman Responds To Ryan Reynolds’ Mock Attack Ad Over ‘The Front Runner’

Ryan Reynolds is having a little too much fun trolling Hugh Jackman – and now the “Logan” actor is taking a few digs in return.

Reynolds — who has engaged in a long-running fake feud with Jackman spanning their “X-Men” careers — has taken the teasing to the next level ahead of Jackman’s campaigning for award season.

Jackman stars in the upcoming political drama “The Front Runner”, following Gary Hart’s scandal-plagued 1988 presidential campaign, and it’s already a front-runner for an Oscar nomination.

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On Friday, Reynolds shared a video modelled on a political attack ad, discrediting Jackson’s eligibility come Oscar season.

“Hugh Jackman’s upcoming performance in ‘The Front Runner’ fooled some people into thinking he deserves an award. But before voting begins, some people should consider these facts,” Reynolds says solemnly in the video, revealing that “Hugh Jackman isn’t his real name. It’s Hugh Michael Jackman,” adding: “Hugh Michael speaks with a charming accent, but he’s actually from Milwaukee.”

Reynolds concludes by asking: “Is this the type of amazing actor and nice person we want delivering a preachy liberal speech this award season? Or maybe there’s a real foreigner, from a bordering country, who would really love it… a lot.”

But Jackman’s rebuttal takes the cake.

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In a short clip posted by “The Greatest Showman” actor, Jackman picked up his dog’s waste after it did its business upon a photo of Reynolds costumed as Deadpool.

“High road,” he captioned the video.

“The Front Runner” hits theatres Nov. 21.



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