Singer-songwriter Lauren Jauregui is feeling “free” since the March announcement of music group Fifth Harmony’s hiatus.

The group emerged on the scene when they appeared on singing competition show, “The X Factor,” in 2012. The announcement of their indefinite break was backed by the idea that they would each pursue their own individual goals, and solo careers. They took to social media to express their reasoning.

In a new sit-down interview with YouTube’s “Zach Sang Show,” Jauregui confessed her feelings on the time away from the group. “This year has a been an insane amount of exploration, just kind of getting really deep down into my own heart and my own things I’ve been through and things I’ve not really talked to myself about,” she admitted. “I feel like a lot of us kind of float through life and we get to this point of numbness, and we don’t really know how we got there. We’re not really feeling as much. And that’s to say to the good things as much as the bad things. I noticed when I lost touch of feeling, I lost my artistry. I lost myself and what I love to do because I couldn’t really get in touch with that anymore.”

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Jauregui’s sentiments align with the fact that she spent the ages of 16 through 21, attached to the group.

Her first taste of branching out was when she had the chance to collaborate with Marian Hill on their song “Back to Me,” and with Steve Aoki on “All Night.”

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“Expectations”, Jauregui’s first solo single, was released at the end of last month, and a full album, with no set release date, will follow.