Barbra Streisand Urges Media To Stop Coverage Of Trump Rallies

On “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Barbra Streisand spoke out about how strongly opposed she is, to the media coverage of President Donald Trump’s political rallies.

Streisand’s sentiments are gaining attention in parallel with the release of her latest album, “Walls,” which incorporates a critique and disdain for Trump’s presidency. Included in the album are titles that coincide with her outlook surrounding the current political climate. Streisand delivers her message through songs like “Don’t Lie to Me,” and “What the World Needs Now.”

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“Why do we allow the media to keep showing him on TV?” she asked. “Why are we covering his rallies? He’s got 71 rallies!” She later added, “Don’t cover him!”

Streisand opened the conversation by admitting that it was anger and sadness that motivated her to create the album.

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Her song, “What’s On My Mind”, is another piece, motivated by the ongoing state of affairs. “I couldn’t sleep nights,” she told Maher. “The photographs in my head – the pictures of the children being ripped out of the arms of their parents.”

“Walls” is Streisand’s 36th studio album, and was released yesterday.



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