The race to the Oscars is officially on, with host Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone announcing the nominees for this year’s Academy Awards in Hollywood this morning.  As with any awards show, there were a few victories, and a few surprises, but it was a couple of snubs in the Best Director category that left Life of Pi director, Ang Lee, “shocked.”;

“I was shocked”; said the Academy Award-winning director adding, “it’s not that I don’t think the others should have been nominated, I’m happy for everyone including myself, but these two [Affleck and Bigelow] seemed to be the sure thing from the beginning, they didn’t miss any of the nominations.”;

Those other nominations Lee is talking about? Well Ben has been nominated for Best Director (as well as Lead Actor) at the BAFTA Film Awards, Best Director at the Critics Choice Awards, and this year’s Golden Globes.  Katharyn Bigelow follows suit, picking up Director nods for the BAFTA Film Awards, Critics Choice and Golden Globes as well.

It’s unfortunate that both Kathryn and Ben will not be in the running for what Ang calls “the last one, the big one”; in awards season, but the director is “looking forward to meeting them at the DGA”; later on this week.

On Life of Pi“s 11 Oscar nominations, Lee says “…I was expecting a lot less, so this is more than I could have hoped for.”;  And how did the self explained, shy, director find out about his copious nominations?  “I heard heavy breathing on the other end, and I thought “oh this is gonna be good,'”; Lee said of his early morning call from his assistant.

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