“Frasier” is among the numerous classic TV shows being considered for a reboot, but according to the actor who played Seattle psychiatrist Frasier Crane for 11 seasons (and before that for eight seasons on “Cheers”), he has yet to see an idea worthy of a comeback.

Star Kelsey Grammer reunited with “Frasier” cast and producers on Saturday at the USC Comedy Festival in Los Angeles for a panel discussion celebrating the 25th anniversary of the sitcom’s debut, and Grammer offered a blunt assessment about the prospective reboot.

“No, there’s been no premise that has come along that has the necessary fire,” Grammer said, as reported by Deadline.

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“There have been some discussions; nothing is planned,” added the 63-year-old actor. “There is nothing set in stone. In my own personal approach to what I’ve discussed with other people is that I wouldn’t want to do it without these guys,” he said, referencing co-stars David Hyde Pierce and Janes Leeves.

“A lot of us are quite committed to the concept that you would never try to redo what we once had,” he continued, insisting that any reboot would “have to have a different foundation” that would offer “a new life with a new continuation for all of them but that they’re still together.”

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Added Grammer: “Whatever happens, in my mind, should be that [Frasier] sorted out something that he hadn’t had sorted out previously. That would be the stepping point, so we’ll see.”

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