Ezra Miller wants to shake up people’s ideas about masculinity.

The gender-bending star of “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald” is on the cover of GQ Style’s holiday issue, on newsstands Nov. 6, and he’s defying the norms for male-star photoshoots.

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Photo: Yoshiyuki Matsumura for GQ Style
Photo: Yoshiyuki Matsumura for GQ Style

Photographed by Yoshiyuki Matsumura and styled by Mobolaji Dawodu, the 25-year-old shows off a variety of eccentric looks, from an effeminate western style to a pink coat and crop top, and even a long, green, knitted dress.

In an interview with the magazine, Miller talks about his own view of how masculinity should operate.

“We have a lot of eagles out here, and if an eagle starts dive-bombing the crew, the rooster will go out, separate from the herd, and pretend to be injured, so that the eagle will come and kill the rooster instead of hurting any of his babies.

“THAT’S masculinity,” he explains. “That’s what it’s supposed to look like, you know what I mean? I’m going to pretend to be weak, I’m going to pretend to be vulnerable so that you attack me before you’d attack one of the women in my posse. You feel me?”

Miller describes his gender identity as “fluid” and says he is “comfortable with all the pronouns.”

Then there’s the subject of men in the #MeToo era. “Let’s rehabilitate men,” Miller says in response. “Let’s drop men like flies. I’m with it. And then let’s rehabilitate them when they’re on the ground. This is some Wonder Woman s**t right here. What’s the Amazonian solution to this?”

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Photo: Yoshiyuki Matsumura for GQ Style
Photo: Yoshiyuki Matsumura for GQ Style

Also in the profile, Miller shares his love of goats—he owns four!—and is on hand to midwife the birth of another goat while decked out in a Bikini Kill T-shirt and a long, paint-splattered Alexander McQueen coat.

“If I think about what [McQueen] would want me to do while wearing this coat—f**king be a midwife at a goat birth? F**k yeah!”Miller says. “Would he have been mad if some amniotic fluid got on this? No! He would have been delighted.”