Bono is very happy to see the members of Congress in the U.S. standing up to the Donald Trump administration’s requests to cut funding for the fight against AIDS.

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Speaking to the Associated Press, the U2 frontman noted the bipartisan agreement on ignoring Trump’s requests with “right and left in lockstep together on this.”

“Thank you for your leadership,” Bono added.

Speaking specifically about the Trump administration’s funding cutback request, Bono said, “We could be at the dumbest moment ever, which is, we’re almost at the moon and we turn back.

“There’s this gathering consensus and momentum — and now people are looking the other way, and it’s just the wrong moment.”

Bono is currently organizing an auction — his third in the last 10 years — at a Sotheby’s event to take place in Miami, Fla., to benefit his HIV/AIDS charity (RED).

The previous auctions in 2008 and 2013 raised a huge $68 million for the cause.

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As for the current challenges facing the fight against AIDS, Bono said, “Women are the rising category (of infections) at the moment, and whilst the world is looking the other way in this rather childish fight among strongmen across the world, these budgets are being cut and women are paying the highest price.

“It’s really deeply upsetting for us all,” he continued, “because we were really getting excited. We thought we’re at the point of inflection. And now we hear, ‘No, no. We’re going to cut these budgets.’ It’s not just America. A lot of countries are putting themselves first. At least they think it’s first — but as you know global health crises don’t respect borders.”