He’s said he’d like to enter politics, and Will Smith has proved to extremely diplomatic when it comes to discussing his former Fresh Prince co-star Janet Hubert, who viciously bashed him and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith over their boycott of this year’s Oscars.

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Hubert played Aunt Viv for three seasons on the 90’s sitcom before being replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid (Hubert has, for years, claimed that Smith had her fired), and during a chat with BBC Radio 1Xtra, Smith, 47, was asked which of the two actresses he liked better.

“I think that both of the Aunt Vivs were really, really fantastic,”; he said. “I think when you make a show, any time you make a change, it’s going to be excruciating and painful. I think that Janet Hubert Whitten brought a really powerful dignity to the show.”

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He continues to take the high road, adding that Hubert is “brilliant”; and “an artist.”;

“There’s so many things that she does: She sings, she dances, she’s like a really powerful artist. So I loved what she brought to The Fresh Prince,” he says.

Watch the full video below.