Michael Weatherly is having a ball playing “Bull”.

The actor sat down with ET Canada’s Sangita Patel to discuss the popular TV drama, and what fans can expect to see throughout season 3.

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Weatherly first clarified Dr. Phil McGraw’s involvement: “One of the fundamental misconceptions about this show – coming out of the log line, when the show got picked up even to script – was that it was some sort of biography. There is no aspect of biography.”

Although the character of Dr. Jason Bull is not informed or inspired by Dr. Phil’s real life experiences, the psychologist-turned-television-personality does bring a lot to the table as an executive producer. “What is very true, and [what] Phil McGraw helps with a lot is the trial science and the analysis of how to best move forward in a jury trial,” Weatherly reveals. “How do you prep your witnesses, how do you select or deselect a jury… that process is fascinating, and it is a component of the show, but we’re not following the life of Phil McGraw. I mean, I would be the wrong guy to do that cause I don’t think I’m that smart,” he jokes.

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The 50-year-old went on to select his favourite storyline from the past two seasons. “I found the season finale of season 2 to be remarkable,” the actor shares. “Bull is arrested for shaking a soda machine that isn’t giving him what he wanted out… but he’s drunk and he’s arrested for that type of behaviour. And while he’s basically drying out in a cell, he meets a guy who is mute – who’s accused of this fire that incinerated people – and he decides to help this guy for no reason at all except it allows him not to deal with his own problem.”

As for what’s to come this season? “One of the things that happens in ‘Bull’ season 3 is we have these incredible emotionally complicated episodes that serve to remind Bull every week that there’s something missing,” Weatherly explains. “Even when he’s fixed himself up and fits into that smart snazzy suit there’s still a chamber that’s empty. Could it be his heart?”

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