Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie appear ready to take their already-contentious divorce to an even nastier level, with TMZ reporting the squabbling ex-spouses have filed legal paperwork to take their protracted custody battle to trial.

According to TMZ, the exes have filed legal documents seeking a custody trial from a Los Angeles Superior Court judge, with the trial reportedly set to begin on Dec. 4.

The former couple — who split in 2016 — are reported to be on two very different pages when it comes to custody of their six children, with Jolie, 43, seeking sole physical custody, while Pitt, 54, is asking for 50-50 joint custody.

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In addition, the trial will also determine the division of property — which could be complicated given that neither party signed a prenuptial agreement.

The trial is expected to take somewhere between two or three weeks.

A report in August indicated the two had come to an interim custody agreement that would have kept them from battling it out in court, while a subsequent report indicated they had “called a truce” — which presumably worked out so poorly that they’re heading back to court.