Shawn Mendes Celebrates ‘Youth’ In Empowering, Inspiring New Music Video

It’s been said that youth is wasted on the young, but that’s not a sentiment that springs to mind after watching the inspirational, empowering and downright amazing new video for “Youth”, the latest single from Shawn Mendes featuring Khalid.

The video — which was co-written by Mendes, Khalid, director Anthony Mandler, Larry Jackson and Marjory Stoneman Douglas students/gun control activists Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, the video showcases and honours some diverse and amazingly talented young people.

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Including activists, painters, dancers, musical prodigies and survivors of gun violence, 30 different young people are showcased in the “Youth” video.

“For the ‘Youth’ video, we wanted to make something that would highlight and empower young people, by giving the stage to a group of extraordinary kids,” said Mendes in a statement. “Khalid and I wanted them to be the focus of the video, and to give them a platform, in the hope that it can inspire other young people to pursue what they love and use their voice.”

Mendes debuted the track back in May on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show, revealing the horrific terror attacks at Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert inspired the song.

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“I remember I woke up in the morning and the whole thought of my youth trying to be taken away from me… not youth as in my age, youth as in my love, my happiness, my joy, my purity,” explained the 20-year-old Toronto native.

“It’s not even about age, you could be 50 and your youth is there, it’s in you,” he added. “And all of these horrible things happening in the world, all of the headlines, it felt like every day it was just being pulled more and more out of us.  And I was like this is what we have to write about. And it was awesome. I’m really, really proud of that song.”

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