Dr. Evil Returns To ‘The Tonight Show’, Tells Jimmy Fallon He’s Running For Congress

Mike Myers returned to “The Tonight Show” as Dr. Evil Monday to announce he was running for Congress, telling Jimmy Fallon about his “five-point evil plan.”

Talking about the U.S. midterm elections, Fallon explained how he actually had one of the candidates there right now to make his final push to sway voters.

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However, as the camera then cut to the “Austin Powers” character, Fallon asked: “Dr. Evil, is that you?” to which Evil responded, “No, it’s white Cory Booker.”

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As the talkshow host went on to question why he was running for office, Myers’ alter-ego replied: “It’s 2018, evil’s in right now. It’s hip. It’s like playing ‘Fortnite’ while slamming a Tide pod and doing the Shiggy challenge.”

He added that he was “originally hoping for Brett Kavanaugh’s job,” however, insisted Trump had said he was “too even-tempered for that.”

As Fallon then asked Evil if he was running as a Democrat or Republican, the character quipped, “Neither, I’m running as an Eviltarian. Our ultimate goal is to make America evil again.”

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He proceeded to hold up a red hat with the words “Make America Evil Again” written on it, Trump style, before he announced his “five-point evil plan.”

The plan included making only dill pickle Pringles available in a “skinnier” box, appointing Donald Trump Jr. as secretary of the treasury because he’s “made of dough,” increasing the time you need to wait before you skip the ads on YouTube, legalizing weed, and having “Baby Shark” as the new national anthem.

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