Stephen Colbert Flashes Everything, Is Joined By Jake Gyllenhaal For Hilarious Election Skit

Stephen Colbert got a little help from Jake Gyllenhaal to celebrate the eve of Election Day on Monday’s “Late Show”.

Colbert and Gyllenhaal took part in a skit titled “‘Twas The Night Before Election Day”, with the talk-show host waking up at the start of the clip after being visited by three ghosts; Republican leaders Chuck Grassley, Mitch McConnell, and Orrin Hatch.

He then stepped outside, only to be informed by Gyllenhaal’s character that the elections hadn’t been held yet.

As Colbert questioned what day it was, the actor insisted: “It’s Monday, the day before the midterms.”

The cheerful presenter revealed everything under his “Ebenezer Scrooge” dressing gown as he danced around on the balcony.

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Gyllenhaal insisted, “Seriously dude, you got to put on some briefs! I can see all the election returns and they’re swinging left.”

He later added, “Dude, let me be clear! I can see your entire penis,” before Colbert went off to do his show.

Colbert wasn’t the only host to get into the Election Day spirit, with Jimmy Fallon also being visited by Dr. Evil on “The Tonight Show”. Mike Myers’ alter-ego announced he was running for Congress during Monday’s episode.

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