Kid Rock tricked people into thinking he might run for Senate last year; now, Jimmy Kimmel is getting in on the act.

Kimmel sent his camera crew out in Hollywood to ask members of the public what they thought about Kid Rock becoming Michigan’s newest senator… and not one person thought to question whether the news was correct.

The talk-show host even went as far as to show people footage from one of Kid Rock’s concerts, telling them it was part of the musician’s victory speech.

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One girl said of the fake news, “I did hear a little bit about it today in the morning. I didn’t go too much into detail but I did see it on my phone.”

Kimmel’s crew asked people what they thought about the rocker bringing down the age for buying scratch cards to just 10, as well as legalizing crystal meth.

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Fake names were then supplied when members of the public were asked whether Kid Rock should go by his stage name or his real name.

See more in the clip above.

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