Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Reveals He And Wife Aja Volkman Are ‘Dating’ Again Following Separation

Imagine Dragons’ latest song is a surprisingly personal one, and now frontman Dan Reynolds is explaining the difficult but beautiful story behind it.

On the song “Bad Liar”, Reynolds sings to his lover about their “difficult year.”

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In an interview with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 on Tuesday, Reynolds explained that the song is about the fraying relationship with his wife Aja Volkman, with whom he had apparently gone through a divorce in the last year.

But according to the singer, he and his wife never actually signed the divorce papers, and so it was more like a separation.

“I’ve been home and we kind of decided, let’s just hold off for a minute,” Reynolds revealed. “So now we’re kind of dating, you know, and it’s weird because we were separated, but we’re dating.”

He explained that he actually wrote “Bad Liar” with Volkman, whose voice also appears on the track, before they were separated.

“As we were writing it we knew what it was about, but we also kind of didn’t speak about what it was about,” Reynolds said. “Pretty wild, because the song is obviously about a tumultuous relationship. It starts out and it’s, ‘Hush, my dear. It’s been a difficult year.’ That really was where we were at. We couldn’t fake it. We couldn’t lie to each other and tell each other that it was okay, because it wasn’t. I think we kind of perceived this might be the end of us.”

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The singer also talked about how his relationship to the song had evolved over the last year.

“It’s interesting because it was really hard for me to listen to for the last few months knowing it was going to come out,” he said. “But now I listen to it and I love it, because me and Aja, we’re kind of back together right now.”

“Bad Liar” is the fourth single from Imagine Dragons’ upcoming album Origins, out Nov. 9.



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