TV viewers have seen a lot of murder and mayhem this season, but one series has risen above the likes of “American Horror Story” and “Game of Thrones” to be named the deadliest of any show across all streaming platforms — and it’s a cartoon.

According to a report from BuzzBingo, reports NME, Adult Swim favourite “Rick and Morty” is TV’s deadliest series, with an average of 26.1 deaths occurring in each episode of the not-for-kids toon from Justin Roiland and “Community” creator Dan Harmon.

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Amazingly enough, this is enough mortality to outpace such gruesome series as “Westworld” and “The Walking Dead”, which averaged 25.9 and 23.2 deaths per episode, respectively. In fact, when all those deaths are tallied up, “Rick and Morty” viewers have witnessed an astonishing 808 deaths in a mere 31 episodes.

Meanwhile, the show itself is showing no signs of encountering the Grim Reaper anytime soon; earlier this year, Roilland announced the show had been picked up for 70 more episodes, ensuring many more gruesome fatalities to come.

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