Prince Harry Reveals What Prince Charles Said When Asked To Walk Meghan Markle Down The Aisle

Prince Harry is opening up about the moment he asked his father to accompany Meghan Markle at the couple’s royal wedding.

Harry approached Prince Charles about the subject after Markle’s father Thomas was unable to attend the ceremony.

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“I asked him to and I think he knew it was coming and he immediately said, ‘Yes, of course, I’ll do whatever Megan needs and I’m here to support you,'” Harry reveals in BBC One’s upcoming documentary “Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70″.

“For him, that’s a fantastic opportunity to step up and be that support,” Harry continued. “And, you know, he’s our father so of course he’s gonna be there for us.”

Harry and Charles exchanged words at the altar but it was hard to make out what was said. “You’ve gotta say thank you,” he reflected on the moment. “Just because he’s my father that doesn’t mean I can just sort of go, ‘Okay, that’s all, I’ll take it from here.’ Err, no, that is what I wanted to say but erm…and I was very grateful for him to be able to do that.”

“I think that was very touching, sitting where I was, you couldn’t hear what he said,” Charles’ wife, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla said. “But afterwards watching it on the television, I… I think it was a very… it was a lovely gesture.”

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“A lot of people, seeing my husband actually take the bride’s mother by the hand to sign the registry, it’s something that moved everybody,” she explained. “It’s the things he does behind the scenes that people don’t know about. I don’t think people realize quite how kind he is.”

“Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70” airs Thursday.

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