Laura Vandervoort Talks ‘Supergirl’, Final Season Of ‘Bitten’

From 2007 to 2011, Laura Vandervoort suited up as Supergirl on Smallville. Now, come February 29th on Global, Laura is once again joining the DC Universe — but this time as the villain Indigo! Talking with us at our ET Canada studio, the stunning star says: “With this character all bets are off. I am trying some crazy things. I am having a lot of fun.”;

And it’s not just a quick cameo, Laura tells us. “I am a recurring character, she is the new baddie of the season! And I look completely different then I did as Supergirl.”;

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Way back in July the rumours were flying that Laura was in talks to join the cast — and when it finally happened they welcomed her with open arms. “To be able to join the cast is wonderful,”; she says. “I love that they had the nod to the people from the past who have played these characters. We have Dean Cain, Helen Slater, who was Supergirl in ’84. And Melissa has been fantastic, we have had a few scenes together.”;

If you can’t wait until the 29th for your Laura Vandervoort fix… she’ll be on Space this Friday for the premiere of Bitten season 3! And although it was announced it will be the show’s final season, Rick Campanelli just wanted to know if he could somehow make a cameo if the show returns. “Yes, you can join anytime you want,”; she says. “You can become pack alpha if I am in charge. I will let that happen.”;

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To check out more of what to expect on Season 3 – check out the video below:

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