Emily Blunt soars onto the cover of Vogue magazine as Mary Poppins.

Star of the upcoming Disney film “Mary Poppins Returns”, Blunt, 35, in head-to-toe Dior, chatted about the sequel and what it was like playing the iconic character.

“She’s a superhero,” Blunt said about Mary. “You could say she’s some sort of angel.”

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She continued, “She recognizes what people need, and she gives it to them, yet they discover something about themselves in the process… I don’t think she concerns herself with what she is. There’s nobody else like her – which she quite likes.”


Blunt’s co-star Lin-Manuel Miranda also chatted with the mag about the remake movie and what it was like to film during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: “I couldn’t believe that, given all that was going on, this is what we got to put into the world… It’s so clichéd, but we got to make this enormous present, this beautiful, uplifting, joyous family movie that makes you cry, that made even my stone-hearted-scientist wife cry when she saw an early rough cut of it. I feel really grateful that that’s what we spent our year doing.”

Director Rob Marshall said when he received the script for the flick, he knew Blunt should play Mary.

“For me, there was no one else but Emily,” Marshall said. “There wasn’t even a possible other choice. She’s rare in this world because she’s incredibly warm and funny, and has a great deal of vulnerability as well. And at the same time, she’s British and can sing and dance.”

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Not only did Blunt chat about the feature, but she also took part in Vogue‘s fan-favourite segment “73 Questions”.

What’s one thing the Golden Globe-winning actress misses about England? “Its irreverence.” Which director is she dying to work with? “Alfonso Cuaron.” And what makes her pick a role? “Sophistication, intrigue, surprise – nothing derivative,” Blunt answers it all.

Vogue‘s December issue hits newsstands Nov. 23.