Busy Philipps Calls Out Noah Centineo For Ghosting Her Friend, Actor’s Team Reportedly Does ‘Damage Control’

An appearance on James Corden’s “Late Late Show” couch turned awkward for actor Noah Centineo on Thursday when fellow guest Busy Philipps shared some intel about the “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser” star that he reportedly wished she hadn’t.

During the broadcast, Philipps delivered an anecdote about Centineo, breaking out laughing while revealing, “He started chatting with a friend of mine, but then he ghosted her.”

“Are you serious?” retorted Corden, his eyes wide as pie plates, while Centineo smiled awkwardly, claiming he had no idea what she was talking about until she revealed the friend in question is “one of the writers on my show.”

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“Ahhh,” said Centineo as the light bulb went off above his head.

The result was a funny talk show segment that was, according to TMZ, not so funny to the actor’s team, who reportedly “feared the story would ruin his boy-next-door image.”

In fact, TMZ reports that “sources close to the situation” claim that the actor’s team “asked Corden’s people to heavily edit it down,” with the segment featuring Philipps going into far more detail than appears in the clip below, describing how he “met one of her writers on a dating app, and dragged him for ghosting her.”

TMZ points out that there is an “obvious edit” in the video shared on YouTube, right at the 56-second mark, adding that the video wasn’t posted on the “Late Late Show” YouTube channel. Watch:





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