Stephen Colbert And Jimmy Kimmel Say Sarah Huckabee Sanders Should Be Fired For Sharing Doctored Video

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was the hot topic of late-night on Thursday after she circulated a doctored video of CNN’s Jim Acosta.

The video in question, which was allegedly made by conspiracy website Infowars, was sped-up to make it look like Acosta had aggressively shoved a female intern who tried to take away his microphone at Donald Trump’s post-midterm election press conference.

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“So that is Sanders’ reliable source?” Stephen Colbert said on Thursday night’s “The Late Show”. “‘CNN is fake news, and to prove it, here’s a video from a reputable news source that believes the government is putting plastic liners into juice boxes to turn our sons into gay frogs.’”

The manipulated video was tweeted by Sanders in defense of the White House’s decision to revoke Acosta’s press pass. Colbert believes that Sanders should face the consequences and step down from her role as press secretary.

“The fact that the White House press secretary is promoting this doctored video is reprehensible, and grounds for dismissal. Or as they call it in the Trump administration, Thursday.”

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Colbert wasn’t the only late-night host that felt Sanders should be held accountable for her actions. Jimmy Kimmel said that Sanders “should be forced to resign” for what she did.

“I mean, she intentionally disseminated doctored video footage to discredit a reputable journalist,” Kimmel stated. “She’s the White House press secretary. She should be fired for that.”

Since Sanders shared the video, #FireSanders has started to pick up steam on Twitter.




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