Bill Murray was accused of pushing a man at Sydney Airport Friday after he got too close to his female friend.

Murray, 68, was caught on camera shaking an array of hands before making his way through the terminal, where the incident occurred.

In a video published by the Daily Mail, Murray can be seen turning round to gently push the male in question as he seemingly got closer to his companion, Mira Wang.

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A voice behind the camera then said, “Did you just assault my friend?” to which Murray replied: “He just pushed a woman, sir.”

Murray landed in Sydney ahead of two performances of “Bill Murray, Jan Vogler & Friends: New Worlds at the Opera House” on Nov. 9 and 10.

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The “Groundhog Day” star and German cellist have teamed up for the show, which is said to include readings from the likes of Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway.