Harrison Ford Says ‘Global Rise Of Nationalism’ Is A Threat To Climate Change Action

Harrison Ford is fighting for action on climate change.

The “Indiana Jones” actor gave a speech accepting a Patron of the Artists Awards at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation gala on Thursday night for his work with Conservation International.

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“The conservation community has made great progress, but much still needs to be done,” Ford said, according to Variety. “We’ve identified that climate change is the intractable problem we must solve. We’ve identified the threats and the targets that must be met. Science has agreed on that. The conscious world has agreed on that. We know that nature doesn’t need people — people need nature! People need nature to survive, to thrive, and to prosper.”

Ford also gave a warning about electing politicians who don’t believe climate change is manmade.

“But now with the global rise of nationalism and isolationism, all that is under threat,” he said of the work to stop climate change. “The tested science on which our work is based is being challenged, being denigrated by those who want to protect the status quo and obviate the changes that everyone knows have to be made to sustain human life.”

He continued, “These problems are not going to be solved by withdrawing or isolating or saying it’s not our problem because guess what? We’re all living with the consequences.”

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That said, Ford still sees a hopeful future in the next generation. “Young people around the world recognize the need and are committed to meeting the challenge,” he said. “They’re curious, they’re innovative, they’re more educated than ever before, they’re demanding solutions. They’re going for it. They’re all in. That gives me hope”

Accepting Patron awards alongside Ford at the gala were Lady Gaga and Jeffrey Katzenberg.



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