Madeline Brewer Stars In Eerie Thriller ‘Cam’

With Netflix earning critical acclaim for its creepy horror hit “The Haunting Of Hill House”, the streaming giant is adding to its eerie repertoire with “Cam”.

“The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Orange The New Black” star Madeline Brewer takes centre stage as a popular “cam girl” whose internet personality is hacked by an obsessed doppelganger.

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Brewer, who stars as both Alice and Lola, takes it into her own hands to bring down the hacker and she’ll do anything to get her way.

“Cam” debuted earlier this year at both Austin’s Fantastic Fest and Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival, where it received rave reviews.

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The thriller feature also stars Patch Darragh and Melora Walters, while it marks the directorial debut for Daniel Goldhaber, who conceived the story with Isa Mazzei and Isabelle Link-Levy. Mazzei wrote the screenplay.

“Cam” arrives on Netflix on Nov. 16.



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