Amber Heard Insists ‘Support From Strong Women’ Saved Her When She Thought She ‘Couldn’t Endure More Abuse’

Amber Heard discusses everything from finding friends she can count on to staying true to who she is in a candid new interview with Shape magazine.

The 32-year-old, who looks as stunning as ever in silk lingerie in the accompanying photo shoot, tells the mag of the support she’s received from females: “I’ve had support from strong women who were there for me when I wanted to give up and at moments when I thought I couldn’t endure more abuse from the world.”

She adds: “Sometimes you can feel as if you’re standing up for something all alone — on behalf of your physical safety, against an institution that is inherently flawed, or because you don’t believe that loving a certain person is wrong. I needed people I could rely on to shore me up. Strong women can help me get through anything.”

Heard, who accused ex-husband Johnny Depp of domestic abuse after they split in 2016, says despite the failure of her marriage, she still believes in love. “I’ve had an amazing life, and I’ve had the good fortune to have some amazing people come into my life,” she says.

“Even the ones who were less easy or less traditional were important in making me the woman I am today,” she continues. “I’m very lucky for the relationships I’ve had. They have given me the muscle and heart to do what I do.”

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The interview also sees the actress insist she’ll always stay true to who she is.

“I’m originally from Texas, but now I’m more or less a gypsy. I’m not in one place any longer than the next these days, but in my heart, I am always firmly connected to where I come from,” she shares.

“What I’ve grown to understand more and more with age and life experience, though, is that where I come from is not so much about a geographical place that you can point to on a map,” adds Heard. “It’s my roots, my foundation, what makes me who I am. We are all the sum of our experiences and memories and how we choose to apply them or not.”



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