Woody Harrelson’s World Chess Championship Gag Draws Crickets From The Crowd

Turns out the championship chess community does not have the best sense of humour.

Woody Harrelson played a small prank at the World Chess Championship Ceremony on Friday which even the YouTube channel ChessBaseGmbH described as “a joke” in quotation marks.

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The “Hunger Games” actor tipped over Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana’s king and incorrectly placed his pawn during the ceremonial first move during a 12-game match between Caruana and fellow Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen.

The crowd did not laugh, most of the people on stage did not laugh, and they were forced to reset the board, according to The Guardian.

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The chess match ended in a draw after seven, yes seven, hours. Perhaps Harrison should have saved a comedy routine for a mid-game intermission.

People who enjoy Harrelson as an entertainer should perhaps instead head to the movie theatres when “The Highwaymen” and “Midway” rollout in 2019.

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