As wildfires rage in California, threatening numerous homes in Malibu and surrounding areas, President Donald Trump weighed in about the fires in one of his signature tweets.

Rather than send his thoughts and prayers to fellow Americans in danger of losing their homes or declare a state of emergency, the president instead issued a threat, blaming the state’s “mismanagement of the forests” and threatening to yank federal funding to the state; the vast majority of scientists, however, point to evidence that climate change is behind the ever-increasing severity of wildfires, not “forest management.”

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Celebrities were quick to fire back in response to the the president’s tweet, with Katy Perry blasting Trump’s “absolutely heartless response” to a devastating natural disaster.

Other celebs came forward to slam the president for his tweet, including Ike Barinholtz (who called Trump “scum”), John Legend (“our National Embarrassment”), Sarah Silverman (“you s**tty, s**tty person”) and more.