Prince Charles Pranks Sister Princess Anne By Sneaking Up Behind Her

Even though he’s been preparing his entire life to sit on the throne of England, that hasn’t stopped Prince Charles from acting like a typical big brother by pulling the occasional prank on his younger sister, Princess Anne.

The Prince of Wales’ goofy sense of humour was on full display during a recent interaction between the royal siblings that was captured on video and shared on Twitter by BBC’s Charlie Proctor.

In the brief clip, Charles, 70, can be seen slyly sneaking up behind his 68-year-old sister, giving her a surprise that makes her laugh when she turns around to realize who’s behind the prank.

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As various foreign dignitaries mingle, the prince and princess share a laugh as Charles makes some silly hand gestures that put Anne in stitches.

Meanwhile, the Queen is standing by, apparently paying no heed to her children’s silly shenanigans. Watch:

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