Chiwetel Ejiofor Will ‘Never’ Forgive Andrew Lincoln For That ‘Love Actually’ Scene

It’s been 12 years since Chiwetel Ejiofor appeared in beloved rom-com Love Actually, and with Valentine’s Day coming up tomorrow, he opens up to Cosmo UK about his role — revealing he still holds a grudge against co-star Andrew Lincoln for stealing his character’s girlfriend (played by Keira Knightley).

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While Lincoln is up to his elbows in snarling zombies these days on The Walking Dead, Ejiofor recalls his earlier role, joking that his character, Mark, was a terrible friend for wooing Ejiofor’s girlfriend away from him with hand-lettered cards in the film’s most romantic, iconic scene.

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Will he ever forgive Mark? “NEVER!”; he says with a laugh. “It’s an impossibility. I mean, how could he do it? They’re sweet those cards…lovely. If that had happened in real life, I would not feel good about it. I mean, imagine if I had opened the door… it would have been really awkward!”;


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